County Road 4150

Clifton, TX 76634

For Sale: $2,226,000

Lot 140 acres


General Description: This 140 acre piece of the Johnson Ranch being offered is extremely unique and offers some astonishing views of Bosque County. Located just 6 miles from Clifton, this property is just off of County Road 4150 (fully paved). A secluded private entrance and driveway ushers you into the property and its boundaries widen as you progress. Since this property is located in the Norse Historic District, Norse Hill also resides on the property and offers a breath-taking view at 797 feet! A variety of wildlife roam the area and the tranquility of country living encompasses the entire property. There are numerous areas to build a home or weekend cabin to enjoy with friends and family. Sprawling topography changes spill over the property and serve as a bold reminder as to why this part of Bosque County is known as the Top of The Hill Country.


Location: Located in the Edwards Plateau region of Texas, this property demonstrates the immense beauty that Bosque County offers. Only 6 miles from the widely historic and popular area of Clifton, you dont have to go far to shop, eat, and entertain your guests. The property lies directly in the middle of the Norse Historic District and has always been an attractive and extremely popular area to own property.




Ranch History: The Johnson Ranch has been in the same family for over 100 years. This is the first time since the 1920s that any part of it has been offered for sale. In the past, this section of the ranch was used as a cattle operation and for farming.

During the mid-1850s this area of Bosque County, known as the Norse Historic District, was settled vastly by Norwegian immigrants. They used this land to settle, raise their families, worship, and to start a new life. Just down the road from the Johnson Ranch, sits Our Saviors Lutheran Church, built by the Norwegians in the 1870s and is still operating today.


Land & Topography: The ranch is comprised of various native grasses, Oak trees, Pecans, Cedars, and surprising rolling hills. Once entering the property, the land is fairly flat and level, but upon further progression, one will notice the changes in elevation and hills that make up the vast topography changes. Shredded trails allow for great navigation around the property with precise direction. The land has recently been used for grazing commercial cattle but has not been overgrazed or damaging in any way. Rotational grazing and land stewardship practices have been fundamental to the current family ownership, for the last 100 years.


Soil Report (Top 3):

Eckrant very cobbly silty clay, 1-5% slope, very stoney (42.95% - 33.16 ac.)

Brackett-Eckrant association, hilly (27.27% - 21.05 ac.)

Denton Silty Clay, 1-3% slope (11.79% - 9.1 ac.)


Grasses/Vegetation: Various native grasses comprise the property. Main ones, but not limited too are: Big Bluestem, Sideoats Grama, Blue Grama, Beardgrass, Tall Fescue, Lovegrass, Dallis Grass, etc. From the soil report above, it illustrates that the property can sustain limited to moderate farming and is also suited for grazing and wildlife.


Cattle: Due to the rocky terrain, few improved pastures, and moderate brushy cover, it would be recommended to not exceed 1 AU (cow)/10-12 acres; ensuring the integrity of the land and preventing overgrazing. The property is currently under an active Ag Exemption.


Wildlife & Hunting: There has been no hunting on the property for the last 20 years. With the hunting pressure being absent, larger whitetail bucks have matured and frequent the area during the rut and throughout the hunting season. Turkey, feral hogs, bobcats, and various native birds are also familiar to the area. There is a small pasture that would be ideal to plant a food plot in and various locations to set up corn feeders and hunting blinds.


Minerals: 0%


Easements: Gas Pipeline (ATMOS)


School District: Clifton ISD


Airports: Clifton Municipal Field, Union Island Airport, Talley Airport TX48, Waco Regional


Hospitals: Goodall Witcher Hospital


Proximity to Metropolitan Areas:

Dallas: 102 miles (1 hr. 40 mins.)

Fort Worth: 88 miles (1 hr. 30 mins.)

Waco: 42 miles (50 mins.)

San Antonio: 203 miles (3 hrs. 10 mins.)

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County Road 4150
Clifton, TX 76634
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